Hello. I’m Mike. I’m an experience designer, product researcher, business strategist, interface developer, teacher, mentor, team builder, music obsessor, dog daddy, novice board gamer, childhood motorcycle racer, and pronouncer of the hard-g in gif.

At work I ask questions to challenge the bias we all bring to the table. My pendulum swings towards solving problems over creating artifacts. I seek out a diverse range of opinions to expand the shared understanding of the group I’m working with. I’m constantly seeking opportunities to grow as a person.

  1. 2019–Ongoing Under The Covers

    Personal Project

    Developed as an excuse to dip my hands in and expose myself to React, I built this “covers jukebox” as a personal project to apply the skills I was learning. In addition to building my skill set with React I was able to explore using CSS Grid Layout, dig through the Web Audio API, implement self-hosted and privacy focused analytics, build out a novel navigation concept I had been considering for a while, and re-stretch my Photoshop retouching muscles.

  2. 2018–Now SPR Consulting

    Sr. UX Strategist

    Working as a consultant at SPR I’ve improved the cross-practice knowledge sharing capabilities of an international law firm, streamlined quarterly reporting and people finding systems for a global private equity firm, and explored opportunities for product improvement and new markets for a maker of medical record software while providing mentorship and education opportunities to my coworkers that were expanding their own skillsets.

  3. 2017–2018 Independent Design Contractor

    While exploring long-term opportunities I provided front-end development, design, and strategic advice to a variety of clients including a 3-D printing manufacturer, a global cruise company, and a big data analytics firm.

  4. 2016–2017 Kin Insurance

    Director of Design and User Experience

    I was part of the original team that built and launched our initial insurance product and toolkit from the ground up. I developed a data-backed, customer-driven, efficient quoting workflow, tooling to decrease the time needed for our insurance specialists to respond to inquiries, and defined the foundation of our consumer facing brand.

  5. 2015–2016 Home Chef

    Design Director

    Brought a focus to the full meal kit experience that included offline, as well as online, interactions. I built the in-house design team, expanded our tangible touchpoints using helpful printed materials, introduced research techniques to digital & culinary development, and kicked off a brand refresh project incorporating multiple departments and the input of an outside agency.

  6. 2013–2015 Table XI Partners

    Design Director

    At Table XI I built out an integrated design practice that not only worked side by side with the development practice, but were equal partners in strategy, decision making, and tactical responsibilities. In addition to my team building and mentorship activities I helped our clients improve students’ grades with detailed study guides and homework help, optimize their customers’ savings through intelligent fund allocation, organize and manage a yearly week long celebration of ideas, and highlight all the offerings and benefits of a modern day journalism program.

  7. 2009–2013 Love Has No Logic Design Group

    Owner / Creative Director

    An independent design and development studio that I ran with the help of my small team for several years and was humbled to produce work for the likes of Roger Ebert, Hanson, Discovery Networks, the World Almanac, Verizon, Motorola, Discover, Volkswagen, Yamaha, the Village Voice, and more.

  8. 2009–2012 Chicago Independent Radio Project

    Director of Online Media

    I worked with an amazing community of volunteers to bring a new independent voice to the airwaves in Chicago. In my role I managed the design and development of the website with integrations to the on-air studio to keep the playlists up to date and managed a team of content creators to keep the blog up to date with new material for our community.

  9. 2009–2010 Jameson Real Estate

    Director of Interactive Multimedia

    Responsibilities included the design and development of digital marketing materials, online real estate listings, the design and development of a new commercial real estate portal, and the design and front-end development of a new consumer real estate listing directory.

  10. 2006–2008 Larstan Business Publishing

    Art Director

    Cover to cover conception, design, and delivery for business publications covering topics such as public relations on social media, business-oriented podcasting, cyber security, investment advice for millennials, and career-oriented personal growth.

  11. 2006–2008 Bill Smith Studio

    Senior Designer

    Designed children's educational material across disciplines such as science, math, social studies, history, reading, facts, and entertainment.

  12. 2005–2006 Macmillan/McGraw-Hill Sr. Production Artist

    Retouched images, developed templates, laid out spreads, and worked with editors and design team to develop national and state based science, reading, and social studies programs for students in Kindergarten through 6th grade.

  13. 2004–2005 Starshaped Press Letterpress Operator, Typesetter, & Designer

    Worked under the guidance of studio owner Jennifer Farrell to get my hands dirty with antique metal and wood type, 100 year old presses, inks of varying viscosity, and paper of all grains and weights.

  14. 2002–2004 Action Heights Records Graphic Designer

    Created album art, marketing campaigns, social media assets, apparel designs, and promotional merchandise for an independent punk, hardcore, and indie rock label.