Some Things Never Change

The last time we did a major redesign of this site was in 2007. It worked great at the time, but as the web changed, so did the needs of our site. Our markup showed its age, the site didn’t adapt to the variety of devices that were accessing it, and though we thought we set up the CMS to fit our needs, as time went on, we found it only discouraged us from keeping the site up to date. In late 2011 we began work to rebuild the site from the ground up using everything we learned about our business over the previous four years.

As any studio owner can attest, some of the hardest work you do is the work you do for yourself. You tend to be over-critical, and when you mix that with the needs of paying clients, a week quickly becomes a month and a month quickly becomes a year and you find that the longer it all drags out, the worse it gets. In fact, in the site’s earliest blog entry I touched on that very point. It should have been no shock to me that history repeated itself. This site really didn’t come together until I declared a self-imposed deadline and worked overtime to achieve it.

So, here it is, version 3 of the Love Has No Logic website. I’d say it was far too long in coming but that would dismiss all the decisions that led to its crafting along the way and all the bad design choices that eventually helped us correct our paths.