From The There To The Here And Now

One of the hardest things to notice is when something isn’t working out. All too often parties working together work with blinders on, only looking towards the goal, missing the debris left in their wake. It’s all too easy to focus on the next step. It’s where the glamour is; It’s the finishing line; It’s the payday. The next step isn’t surrounded by the annoying details of day to day activity. It isn’t surrounded by mismatched personalities or jackhammers outside the office or a hungry stomach that skipped lunch to get there. However, the second you stop paying attention to the here and now is when the problems arise. Problems don’t happen at the next step. They happen now.

When you turn your focus to the daily tasks you have a much better chance at spotting potential problems early. Once you’ve done that, you’re already three quarters of the way to finding the proper solution. Going a step further and admitting that the problem exists makes it that much easier to realize that the right solution isn’t always the best one for you.