Wastelands Film Festival

Event Logo and Tagline

My love of progressive politics is equaled by my affection for well-produced entertainment. That’s why I couldn’t say no to Peace Action New York State when they approached me about doing the promotional flyers for their second annual end-of-summer film festival. The festival, Wastelands: The Environmental Casualties of War, focused on the impact that military action around the globe has on human life, the economy, and the planet.

Because the budget for the project was low and most of the reproduction would be done utilizing the resources available, the flyer was limited to a single color that would translate best on a photocopier. The irony of printing a large number of flyers to promote a film festival highlighting environmental destruction at the hands of war was not lost on us, so we made the flyer as small as possible, fitting two-up on a letter-sized sheet of paper. The flyer is small but it packs a punch, with a linocut-inspired graphic treatment and a broadside-influenced layout.