Urban Gateways

Urban Gateways is a non-profit group that organizes and manages arts programs for Chicago area schools. They had a website that was visually appealing, but frustrating to manage. I worked with the organization to identify bottlenecks that discouraged them from keeping the content up to date and helped target missed opportunities and areas for site expansion. Then I built out the back end to support their site management needs. The result has been a site that’s more frequently updated and employees who have more time to focus on their primary tasks.

Homepage Mockup

While working with Urban Gateways, I realized that they could greatly expand their program offerings on the site, keeping information more timely and offering quite a bit of the same material that they had in their printed catalogs. The new CMS also allowed them to make direct connections between the artists who teach their programs and the programs they offer. Utilizing ExpressionEngine’s multi-site manager the posts on the group’s I Am Urban Gateways site were integrated into the front page and news section of this site.