Sokana Chartering

Sokana Chartering is a worldwide tanker shipping company that needed to separate itself from its competitors. We worked with This Design Studio to expand Sokana’s sleek, new identity to an updated website that added a level of sophistication the industry had been lacking.


The website did away with the clutter that had become status quo and on initial landing, simply showing what ports their fleet was heading to at any given time. At a glance, a prospective shipper could see if Sokana would be able to help them get their goods where they needed to be.

The rest of the site filled in the background on the company and its fleet, all within the strict constraints set forth by the company’s new identity. The website not only stood apart from the competition by looking better, but it also was much easier to use with a clear information hierarchy leading to the site’s organization.

People Page Detail
Contact Page Detail


Art Director
Dave Bias