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Quoota is a tool that arose from the need founder James Jordan saw for a tool that was easy to use and understand and could help maintain and improve the sales process for small businesses. With an understanding of the need and the market, he called to help him realize his vision. That began with some serious content strategy. The goal was to simplify a process that is anything but simple. Working with Annie Swank, we worked around the jargon, made connections in seemingly unconnected data and sorted through what was necessary for those who wanted to sell their services better, but didn’t know how.

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During the process, we thought about the hours we spent playing Mario Kart as children. When there was no one around to play with, you could do time trials. The game remembered your every move for your fastest ever lap, and the result was you racing against the ghost of yourself. Despite having no opponents, we found a universal need to continue to improve. We took what we learned from those experiences and applied them here as a basic motivational tool.

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Signup Process (Step 2)

The process is simple. You create an account and tell us what your sales process looks like. We fill in some standard tasks you should be accomplishing on a weekly basis, and suggest some others you may want to add. You set weekly goals and that’s it. Then each week we show you how you’re doing relative to your goal. When the week is up you either hit your goals or you didn’t. There’s no carry-over or making up for missed goals. We then provide tracking data not only to show you your progress as it relates to your weekly goal, but we also show you how you’re doing relative to what you had accomplished one week prior.

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Task Tracking (Detail)

The signup process helps educate new customers by recommending items that they can integrate into their sales process. By not rolling over weekly results, we build a sense of urgency around completing each of these tasks. By showing you your results from a week prior, we build a sense of competition with yourself that will motivate you to continually improve.

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Sales History


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