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Elizabeth Weiss is the wife of a minor league hockey player. As such, she finds herself moving around the country each time her husband is transferred or when she travels with the team. With most of the teams in secondary/third tier markets, Yelp was no use to her as she searched for things to do in her new surroundings. That’s when she decided to build New Season New City, a resource for the Hockey Nomads crisscrossing the country, powered by recommendations coming directly from the group it was targeting.

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At its heart, the site is a recommendation engine powered by the community. Other hockey families recommend their favorite things in their team’s market. Businesses can be rated, reviewed and favorited. Where New Season New City separates itself is in its browsing mechanism. Rather than categorizing everything at the top level by business type, New Season New City organizes all of the businesses on the site by the team they are associated with. When you find yourself traveling to a new team’s region, you simply click their name and begin filtering the businesses in that region based on your interests.

Detail of the business listings

I worked with Elizabeth to perfect the browsing process. From there, a visual identity was developed for the site and a back end was built out to support the community being targeted. We also made sure the site was flexible enough so that it could slowly be scaled to additional leagues (and eventually be scaled out to additional sports as well).