James Smythe

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I can say that I knew UK based author, James Smythe, before he made it big. He’s a long-time friend and collaborator, and when it came time for him to move away from Tumblr onto a dedicated website, I made sure to outdo myself. The requirements were simple: build an easily manageable site that would allow him to blog on a regular basis, update his work as new novels are published and carry a design that was distinctive of his style while not needing to be updated with every new release. But of course I wanted to do more.

Homepage detail

The biggest achievement with James’ site is the section that features his published novels. Knowing how much he works with his publisher to create stunning jacket art, we built a system that allows him to customize each page to best suit the artwork of the featured novel. This results in unique layouts and designs that are built around each novel’s look and feel while all being managed in the same place. On top of that, we built Tumblr-style publishing into his blog, created an events calendar and wrapped it all in some nice, fluid responsiveness. We must say, even if we hadn’t built it, this would still be one of our favorite author sites.

Alternate book layouts