I Am Urban Gateways

I Am Urban Gateways Logo

For their 50th anniversary, the non-profit arts organization Urban Gateways created the I Am Urban Gateways website. The purpose of the site was to house stories and testimonials from people who Urban Gateways had inspired throughout its history. It was a wonderful (and successful) initiative that carried one big problem with it: what do you do when year 51 arrives? I worked with Urban Gateways to come up with the answer.


The stories the organization had gathered for the original initiative were inspiring, and I didn’t want to throw them away. Instead, I decided to use them as a starting point and build a site around that material. The stories and content created by, and inspiring to, the people who are engaged with Urban Gateways programs became the central focus of the I Am Urban Gateways site. It would include a blog with interviews, personal stories and news about staff and alumni. The video and written testimonials were still featured prominently on the site alongside a clear request for alumni stories to add to the archives. Finally, I integrated the content Urban Gateways was generating on their Flickr and Twitter accounts into the site design to further highlight the human aspect of the organization.

Video Testimonials