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Gradesaver has been a client of Table XI through multiple revisions of their platform. In providing study guide and testing materials, editing services, writing advice and sample essays, they are in a competitive market. When it came time to upgrade the backend platform powering the site, we used the opportunity to update the front end as well to better stand out to, and connect with, their user base.

Gradesaver Website on a wide screen
Gradesaver Website on a tablet
Gradesaver Website on a phone

Most important was ensuring that the site had a strong, responsive foundation. The company’s handheld traffic was way up, and their old site didn’t provide for the best small screen experience. However, instead of targeting the mobile redesign to specific devices I created a fluid layout and type system that adapted to all viewport sizes.

We discovered that many students would browse with their windows narrowed on screen, allowing them to keep the site open side by side with their word processor and serve as a reference while writing papers. The fluid foundation ensured that regardless of device, however they wanted to access the site’s content, they’d have the best experience possible.

Gradesaver Study Guide on a wide screen
Gradesaver Study Guide on a tablet
Gradesaver Study Guide on a phone

Performance was also key, as the site needs to load quickly at a massive scale. Working with the development team, we prioritized performance during our build, working hard to get the content on screen as quickly as possible. The result was a site that is readable and useful in fractions of a second at peak periods.


Completed in my role as Design Director at
Table XI