Dreams and Visions

When I started doing work for The Firehouse Gallery, an old style firehouse turned art gallery, I knew we’d have the pleasure of being introduced to a plethora of new artists in the process.

For their show Dreams and Visions , the gallery combined the work of two seemingly unrelated artists. On the walls you had the whimsical, bright and jubilant paintings of Philip Morseberger. On the gallery’s floors were the copper sculptures of Anita Huffington. The goal for the poster was to highlight both artists’ work in a harmonious way.

Both Show Posters

Each gallery visitor would naturally be drawn to the work of one artist over another, but, the impact of this show wasn’t just in the work of a single artist – instead, it focused on how that work is changed in the context of the other artist’s work. With that in mind, I created two posters for the show. Each poster emphasized the work of one artist over the other while pulling in elements from the second artist’s style, finding ways that those elements interacted with the main image. The images on each poster clearly are from two distinct artists, but have become something new from the interaction.