Confiction began as an idea in our friend James’ head. It evolved as we took those ideas and designed them into something that could be built. Confiction became reality when another friend, Jim, took those designs and built a back end to power them. What is Confiction? Confiction is a collection of condensed fiction for the digital age. It’s a mastery of conciseness. It’s silly fun. It’s Hemingway’s “For sale: baby shoes, never worn,” and it’s, “No.” Simply put, Confiction is fiction written in 140 characters or less.

Site Homepage

As James was describing his vision to us, we had one of those moments where the design solidified instantly. There were a couple of minor tweaks before we began to build things, but what you see here is pretty much what hit the screen as soon as we stopped talking and started making.

Closeup Detail of About Page
About Page (Detail)

The approach was simple: a site featuring the written word should be built entirely of live html type and lining rules. The only exception was the logo, where we wanted to include a spot of color. This project was fun because it allowed us to see how far we could go with only html and css to make a design truly unique.


James Smythe
Jim Benton