CHIRP Record Fair & Other Delights

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CHIRP’s bi-annual record fair is one of the best in the country and is something that music fans are always looking forward to. A room full of vinyl, food, music, trivia, games, friends and more makes for a wonderful afternoon of crate digging and geeking out. The event needed a website that was equally as fun, but more importantly, informative.

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It’s the billed “Other Delights” that really sets the annual CHIRP Record Fair apart. Sure, digging through an entire room packed with bins of vinyl is fun, but anyone can gather a bunch of record vendors and buyers together in the same place. The Chicago Independent Radio Project separates its record fair from the rest with loads of goodies: DJs, games, toy and clothing vendors, food and beer from local outlets, poster makers and more. It was this last category that became our inspiration, as I decided to see how well I could pull off emulating a poster in a responsive website. I did this through the addition of offset color blocks and misregistered headlines, printer marks at the top and bottom of the page and even live page slugs that show the name of the document and the time it was created… all while failing gracefully in less advanced browsers.

Page detail

While the front end looks great, the back end is where the magic happens. We wanted to ensure that data management was easy and content could be shared across all of CHIRP’s websites. The site was built using ExpressionEngine’s multi-site manager and utilizes network-wide member accounts to RSVP to the fair, automatically cross-posts to the CHIRP Radio event calendar and makes all entry data accessible to the rest of the network.

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Site Footer Detail (showing printer marks and page slug)