Chandler & Smythe Wedding

Envelope Front & Back

Victoria and James are friends of mine who live in the UK. In planning their wedding, they searched the nation for invitation printers and came to one conclusion — they didn’t like a thing that they saw. That’s when they came to me. With an empty canvas and a little help from our friends at Starshaped Press I’d put together an invite package that would stand out from the rest of the standard, cookie cutter invitations littering their fine countryside (which, as I’m told, is quite important in the competitive world of attendance-garnering for your British wedding, an event that begins almost a year before the actual date arrives, oh my!).

Invitation Outside
Invitation Inside

For the invitation visuals I worked with a few concepts. First, the season. The wedding would be taking place just as summer turned to fall and Mother Nature would be working on her last hurrah of the season. The intent was to capture that moment when you walk outside and suddenly realize that the new season is upon you. Second, since James is a writer, we wanted to incorporate words into the design as imagery, rather than just vessels of information. We worked various drafts of the invite’s text into the background textures, highlighting the text’s own organic change over time.

Finally, because our friendship arose from a mutual love of most things musical, we decided to enclose the invitation in one of Starshaped Press’ “tab-n-slot” CD packages. We replaced the CD with the invite, using the sleeve itself as the mailing envelope. This allowed for the design to continue to the outer packaging, creating a visual impact as soon as the recipients opened their mailboxes.

Invitation Detail
Invitation Detail