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I first worked with Gabi Moskowitz, the amazing chef behind BrokeAss Gourmet, when I helped her launched her website in 2008 over an eight-day span. It was a pretty crazy week and we both knew we’d eventually return to the site to give it the full attention it deserved.

Recipe detail
Recipe detail

That opportunity arose in the spring of 2012 as Gabi’s first book was released. The BrokeAss Gourmet Cookbook pulled heavily from the first couple years of recipes posted to the site and it helped provide the beginning of a visual language for the redesign. I extended the book’s design elements to the web with a focus on a fluid design that would adapt for all reading environments, a stronger typographic definition between dish introductions and the actual recipes and bigger/better dish photography.

In the process of redesigning the site, Gabi and I worked together to find missed opportunities. As a result of this work, we added Books and Events sections to the site, as well as an expansion of her recommendations and the integration of a new ad network that is effective but not obtrusive. When all was said and done, I was able to give the site the attention it didn't get at its initial launch. The result is a classier look, an easier to understand recipe format and a revised and refined Content Management System that makes Gabi’s time spent managing the site far more efficient.