An Artist’s Reaction To War

The Firehouse Gallery, an old-style firehouse turned art gallery, does one thing, and does it well. They curate amazing and thought-provoking art shows that make the community of Louisville, GA a better place. I couldn’t have been happier when they asked me to work with them on their show promotion materials.

Full Show Poster

For their show, An Artist’s Reaction to War , the Gallery brought together a group of artists and asked each one to create a piece as a response, not to a specific war, but to the concept of war in general. When it came time to design the poster, I couldn’t focus on a single artist, and I didn’t want to try to combine the styles of seven artists into a single work, so I took the opportunity to make my own response to war.

Poster Closeup Detail
Type (Detail)

I combined digital stylization and silkscreen to make an image that focused on several of the main aspects of war: inflicting pain on the other side and containing their forces in an increasingly smaller space. However, it wasn’t quite enough to please us. We thought of the decay that occurs in war-torn lands and took our piece outside, where we left it to itself to decay in the elements of our neighborhood for a couple days. When the process was complete, we scanned the piece and used it as a backdrop for the show, itself becoming a de facto piece in the exhibit.

Poster Closeup Detail
Background (Detail)