The typefaces used on this website are Utopia Std Headline by Adobe and FF Meta Web Pro by FontFont. The typefaces are served up via Typekit. More information about the typefaces used on this site is available here.

File Generation & Processing

Middleman was used to precompile and generate static files for the website. In addition to Middleman, a collection of add-ons were used to make the creation of this site smoother and improve the performance of the generated files.


I used Haml to author this website’s page markup, Sass to author this website’s page styles, and Coffeescript to author this website’s interaction code. I used Atomic Design principles to help me organize my Sass files and generate my class names (though there is currently room for improvement in this area). GitHub was used to backup and version track the files for the website.

To make generating my Sass easier, I’m using Scut, an indespensible collection of simple Sass patterns for the sort of things we all find ourselves writing on almost every site.


This site is hosted at Media Temple.